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We listened to it twice.

(cos the DJ was asleep!)

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Banner is by featherduster, with the texture by ofthesky.net.
& really bad eggs, ani difranco, baa baa black sheep!, bad unitarian jokes, ben folds, brian loves sunshine, dar williams, diana wynne jones, diane duane, donna jo napoli, e.e.cummings, elder-style lunch menus, extra declension charts, fake, francais, girl with fuzzy-pink-bra, goodness mourning the wicked, half-learning quenya, his dark materials, insulting alto jokes, it's potential roadkill, joni mitchell, jostein gaarder, legolas: paraphrase boy, like your dead girlfriend, lisa loeb, madeleine l'engle, manhattan worldgates, my car sunshine, nellie mckay, not retaining latin vocab, playing chess like reepicheep, rejoicing like gleeful oysters, remus=really quite gay, rent=godly (irony!), rufus wainwright, sirius=a peter pan fairy, sirius=fairy=gay, sunshine loves brian, taking fishheads to movies, tamora pierce, temporal claudications (dangerous!), the weakerthans, tori amos, twelfth night, unitarian universalism, winnipeg=one great city, your wings are mine